The Benefits of Having a Frameless Glass Shower

There are many benefits to having a frameless glass shower in your home. Bathrooms are becoming more modern in style, with openness and fluidity being the main aesthetic. These open designs are complimented by the tile in your bathroom, along with the contemporary fixtures, vanities and flooring. Unfortunately, traditional shower doors don’t fit this beautiful style, and oftentimes cause disparity between the beauty of the outside work with rigid, hard lines and closed off spaces. Because of this, frameless shower glass doors are gaining momentum and becoming the popular choice for consumers across the area.

Built to Last

Not only are these structures elegant and aesthetically pleasing, they’re built for toughness. The glass ranges in a wide variety of thicknesses, making them sturdy and structurally sound. Because there is little or no metal used in the construction of these showers, corrosion is a fear of the past – these showers are built to stay watertight.

But, how does a frameless glass shower work? Well, it’s actually really simple! These shower doors are made entirely of glass, and are attached to a set of hinges that let the door swing open or shut. This innovative shower design’s “lack of” appearance is its most unique quality! By not seeing the large, bulky shower frame, your bathroom will look more open and larger. Your shower can now be incorporated into your bathroom, instead of divided off from it.

Transform your bathroom into a luxury space with a frameless shower glass door. Not only will your new bathroom mimic the appearance of a day spa, you won’t have the same burden maintaining it as with a regular shower door.

Advantages to Frameless Glass Shower

There are many advantages to getting a frameless glass shower installed into your home bathroom, including:

  • The added value to your home
  • The thicker glass options are more durable
  • Easier to maintain and keep looking new
  • No water spillage or leaking onto your floors
  • They are the perfect complement to marble, tile, granite and more!
  • You can show off trendy new fixtures, such as faucets and shower heads
  • Decorative tile or light fixtures inside the shower are put on display

Worried about the safety of your new frameless shower? Don’t be! The glass edges on your frameless glass shower doors are shaved down to a smooth surface that is not dangerous to anyone climbing in our out of the area. And because these doors are made of tempered glass, they are very difficult to shatter or crack.

Make Your Bathroom Bigger

Frameless doors can be adjusted to fit any size bathroom or shower area. And boxy, square doors are a thing of the past! Frameless glass doors can be circular, oval, triangular and more to fit exactly the space you need them to. Choose an etched finish to complete the look of your bathroom, or keep it simple with a sleek, sophisticated look. These ageless accommodations are the perfect option for any home.

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